Nutrition for the Whole Athlete

Functional nutrition is an integrative, or whole body, approach to assist you with finding out what your body needs to feel it’s best. In Sports Nutrition we focus on ways to optimize before, during and after your exercise training, race or competition. When we apply the art and science of functional nutrition, we expand that lens to consider what is happening inside your body on a daily basis that could be influencing energy, mood, digestion, and immune function.

We know that stress (chronic or acute), lack of sleep, changes in hormones, and food sensitivities over time begin to affect the way our body works. We don’t feel “sick” in the conventional way, but we do notice that something about the way our body is working is not the way it used to. The challenge in feeling better is that conventional or allopathic medicine was created on the foundation of specific symptoms to meet the criteria of specific diseases.

However, if you are an athlete who knows their body very well and doesn’t want to wait until you are sick enough with obvious symptoms that can be diagnosed in a medical clinic, you haven’t had many options to figure out what is “off” in your body.

Over the past decade, many “alternative” lab options have become available and can be ordered through a licensed practitioner (RDN, RN, MD, ND) depending on the state. If you are very healthy and standard lab results are always “normal,” consider labs for tickborne illness, environmental toxins, comprehensive hormone panels, thyroid and cortisol/melatonin measures.

  • Why do you feel tired all of the time? Constant headaches or allergies you never had before?
  • Why do some foods make you bloated and gassy?
  • You poop once a day or less? That’s no fun!
  • Love handles, or other areas more soft than they used to be despite exercising every day?

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