We provide a holistic approach to sports nutrition & performance

Nutrition for endurance sports is more than grams of carbohydrate and protein!  It is a combination of your training plan, intensity, volume, recovery, stress, lifestyle, work life, and enjoyment of food!

Customized & Individualized

A meal plan is only a fraction of a nutrition service. Speaking with a Registered Dietitian about nutrients, time of meals, and how to self adjust your meal plan when life doesn’t go as planned.  Understanding why, when and what to eat gives you the power to make confident decisions about your food choices.

Registered & Integrative

We are licensed and registered Board Certified Dietitians, which requires us to know nutrition science, exercise physiology, metabolism, biochemistry, and kinesiology.

In addition to Sports Nutrition we also follow the tenets of Functional Medicine, to provide you with a whole body approach.