Personalized Nutrition for Cancer Care

Personalized Nutrition for Cancer Care

This is the title for an exciting presentation by Dr. Dawn Lemanne, MD, MPH that I observed during the 2020 Scripps Natural Supplements conference.

People are looking for alternative nutrition approaches to oncology care and I have found it frustrating that most nutrition information online, is outdated or archaic. Following my RDN guidelines, compared to what we know currently about clinical applications of ketogenic diet, fasting and high carbohydrate diets, seems outdated. As a licensed care provider, patients want answers and also expect me to know current trends in nutrition therapy.

Clinical trials take years to complete and publish which doesn’t help most people with cancers that proliferate very quickly such as pancreatic cancer. As with any specialty or expertise, the expert is trained in specific protocols that take years to change. This makes it difficult for patients who want recommendations now. In addition, desperation and the need for control drive patients to Google because it is the most accessible way to find answers Dr. Lemanne presented several new ways of applying current trends in nutrition to specific types of cancer.

Dr. Lemanne explained the relationships between insulin/IGF1/T2DM, carb restriction and the role of ketogenic diet. She recommends the ketogenic diet in addition to conventional cancer care. This approach varies depending on the form and progression of cancer.
The fact that carb restriction and fasting works with management of **some forms of cancer ** makes nutrition something that patients and their treatment team can control.

That sense of control over their care, can create a surge in motivation and hope in an oncology patient, and their family support team.

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