Tactical Sports Dietitian, EXOS – California As a tactical sports dietitian, Regina observes military operations during a broad range of training scenario’s to assess energy expenditure, hydration, fueling, and the impact of environmental factors/conditions on physical, cognitive and metabolic processes.Create fueling recommendations specific to environment, physical activity/training requirements, duration, equipment & gear limitations,Conduct nutrition assessments that include: dietary analysis, energy expenditure assessment, hydration status, body composition (ISAK/InBody/DXA), Participate in training and physical activity to better understand physical and environmental demands, Create eight week nutrition education series: The role of a Tactical Sports Dietitian, Phytochemicals & Antioxidants, Evaluating Dietary Supplements, Fueling for Endurance & Summits, Carbohydrate/Fat/Protein Metabolism, Debunking Diet Myths and Metabolism 101.Collaborate with strength and conditioning coaches on education curriculum and nutrition for building strength and power.
Director of Nutrition – Trismarter Triathlon Coaching and Nutrition, Colorado Springs, CO Regina’s experience road racing throughout the northeastern U.S., and as a competitive runner since grade school, provides practical insight into fueling strategies that she combines with food science and biochemistry as a dietitian, to create  individualized triathlon training and nutrition plans for elite age group athletes. Create annual nutrition plans that are periodized and include time for physical and biochemical assessments, that work around and support travel, training, and events scheduled by Head Coach. Conduct nutrition assessments at training camps that include: diet analysis, energy expenditure calculation (kcal, kJ), hydration status, body composition (ISAK), and review of fueling before, during, and after training. Provide fueling aid stations during training and create recovery “bar” for athletes post training. Prepare meals from scratch using local ingredients to practice sustainability when possible. Educate athletes about eating locally and sustainably.Analyze training files to calculate energy expenditure, and work with coach and athlete towards obtaining watt/kg performance goals.Present sport specific slide presentations that discuss appropriate strategies to lose weight, supplement efficacy and regulations, and how to fuel for specific workouts (discussing energy systems, fasted, carbohydrate).Counsel athletes one-on-one regarding weight concerns, body image and menstrual cycle related issues. Additional topics of research interest: energy balance, bone metabolism, GI issues, “metabolic efficiency”, and popular diets (Vegan, Paleo, Celiac, Gluten Free). Nutrition speaker at Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs: presented Fueling for Performance, to female cyclists attending a “2016 Olympic” scouting camp Directed by Mari Holden.Write monthly nutrition article for Pikes Peak Road Runners membership newsletter, Colorado Runner Magazine (online & print), and  Nutrition Workshop for U.S. Speed Skating Team (Colorado Springs, CO): Created educational materials on Ancient Grains, and cooked side dishes using ancient grains for athletes to taste and engage in discussion.  
Presenter, CPSDA Conference May 2015 Presented topic “Fueling the Endurance and Ironman Triathlete” at the Annual Collegiate Professionals Sports Dietetics Association.

Community Sports Nutrition:”Nutrition for Performance”: Presented nutrition specific slide presentation to female cyclists at the Olympic Training Center (Colorado Springs), during scouting camp directed by Mari Holden.Fueling with Real Food: An interactive workshop for the U.S. Speed Skating athletes; Cooked meals from scratch using Ancient Grains (farrow, amaranth) and local vegetables. Created educational handouts and engaged athletes in dynamic taste testing of ancient grains.”Making Weight for your A Race”: Slide presentations to local cyclists on how to lose weight safelyPINES: Collaborated with international group of board members on re-design of PINES website;  Presented costs, design and implementation strategies to board members; Liaised with ACSM on infrastructure of website and design. Sports Nutrition Conference Sponsored by Powerbar (2011 at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs): Worked within a tight deadline to create a slide presentation to promote physical activity for banquet dinner;  Organized travel, hotel, and physical activity (5K run) logistics for attendees and sponsor. Assisted on-site at the Olympic Training Center as a general ambassador for the conference.2010 Winter Olympics:Created a UCCS blog to chronicle the experiences of two RD’s while they cooked meals and provided nutrition education for the U.S. Speed Skating team during the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, B.C.Performed menu and meal composition analysis of foods being prepared for 2010 Winter Olympics.Collaborated with UCCS Dining Services for the “Eat Like an Olympian” campaign that used table tents with macro and micronutrient analysis, serving size examples, and a display of different plates featuring a range of caloric intakes to educate students on sport nutrition.SCAN Sports Nutrition Conference (2009 at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs): Assisted with production of registration materials, conference room setup, attendee registration desk, and transportation.   

Sustainability & Local FoodI believe our food choices greatly impact the environment and our health. It is known that locally grown, non-GMO food is the best choice for nutrient dense fruit and vegetables. Depending upon where you live this is not always easy to incorporate into your life. Living in Colorado, where the growing season is short, one has to maximize seasonal produce by canning and preserving. In the summer and fall, I recommend joining Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), sharing the cost with a friend and/or visiting your local farmers’ market. The cost of produce may be higher at a farmer’s market, but if the produce is grown locally, you are contributing to the local economy.  While living in Colorado Springs, I have volunteered with several organizations to learn more about, and help support the local food ‘scene.’Share our Strength’s Cooking Matters Nutrition Educator: Presented a six-week curriculum through the partnership with Care & Share food bank of southern Colorado, to adults from the Southern Colorado AIDS Project.Pikes Peak Urban Gardens: Assisted with planting and gardening; cook from scratch on the farm using local vegetables and educating parents and children. Attend events that included ranchers, farmers, gardeners, food distributors and retailers brought together to explore the challenges of providing locally grown food throughout southern Colorado. Pikes Peak Community Foundation: Created photo recipes using local produce grown on Venetucci Farm that included nutritional information. Recipes distributed with CSA newsletter.  Volunteered at fundraising events benefitting Venetucci Farm and Aspen Valley Ranch. Gardened and assisted with educational workshops on the farms, most of which focused on educating children where their food comes from. 
I also provide resources to educate clients on how to make more sustainable meat, poultry and fish choices at the grocery store.  Refer to my list of links at the bottom of this page, for the Environmental Working Group, Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Organic Consumers Association for more information.