Optimum Wellness Nutrition

The  Optimum Wellness Plan follows the philosophies of functional medicine of health and wellness.  An in depth look at your current health that is measured by biochemical markers, physical signs and symptoms, other serum blood labs, and possible hormonal labs through collaboration with a physician.

Outline of the Plan:

  • Dietary Analysis: Food, beverage, supplement, behavioral and lifestyle is tracked and reviewed to learn the role food plays in your life.
  • Identify triggers of overeating, undereating, or restrictive eating.
  • Progress through various elimination diets to determine what works. (FODMAP, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, high fat, low starch).
  • Utilize tools for individual needs: Saliva testing, Blood labs, Stool samples.  (Some of these can be coordinated with your Primary Care Physician)
  • This plan does not include fueling for training and racing.
  • Best to revamp your food plan in the off season or during a period of low volume and intensity.
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What you receive:

Determining what makes you feel ill can be an exhaustive process.  Often, we are so caught in the day-to-day symptoms that it is difficult to see beyond that. I  provide support for my clients so that the big picture, or long term goal is kept in sight.

  • A minimum of 5 in-person (or Skype, or phone) 60-70 min. consultations, or what I refer to as “strategy, support, and guidance sessions.”You can choose a grocery store tour in place of a “regular” consultation session.
  • Unlimited email
  • Expertise of a licensed clinical dietitian working collaboratively with primary care physicians, endocrinologists, and psychologists.

Specialization in hormonal balance, hormonal changes in response to weight loss, disordered eating, eating disorders, bone mineral density, anemia, and the female athlete triad.

Cost: $275/month