Optimum Wellness Nutrition

Optimum Wellness Nutrition

The  Optimum Wellness Plan follows the philosophies of functional medicine of health and wellness.  If you are an active person who is generally healthy, proactive about eating well and exercising yet something feels off, this is the program for you.  If you have worked with physicians, your labs may all be within normal but you know something is not right.  It could be an environmental toxin, or allergy, or developed autoimmune condition.

You may have symptoms of shortness of breath or brain fog, but the Xray was clear and your breathing /lung function was normal.  That’s where specialty labs help with investigating and getting to the root cause.  Perhaps you lived in an apartment with mold and didn’t realize the chronic sinus infections and brain fog were related.  There are many conditions that aren’t tracked through the standard health insurance business, which is why they are not prescribed or used during conventional medical appointments.  If they cannot be billed through insurance, then most medical clinics do not use them.

An in depth look at your current health status (physical signs and symptoms), supplements, herbals, and review of blood labs. Comprehensive review of food and beverage intake. Specialization in weight loss, disordered eating, eating disorders, bone mineral density, anemia, and the female athlete triad.

Outline of the Plan:

  • Dietary Analysis: Food, beverage, supplement, behavioral and lifestyle is tracked and reviewed to learn the role food plays in your life.
  • Identify triggers of overeating, undereating, or restrictive eating.
  • Progress through various elimination diets to determine what works. (FODMAP, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, HFLC, Paleo, Ketogenic).
  • Utilize tools for individual testing (serum, stool or saliva): cortisol, male/female hormone panels, thyroid, lipid, tickborne, food allergies, celiac, dairy/soy/wheat, mold related tests, organic acids, and mycotoxins. Some of these can be coordinated with your Primary Care Physician.
  • This plan does not include fueling for training and racing.
  • This plan is recommended during an off season for a competitive athlete.
  • Sign up for three months and save 10%
  • Note: most lab fees are paid directly to the lab providing the test. Because most of these tests are not typically done through conventional medicine in 15minute appointments, they are specialized. Coverage or discounts through health insurance vary per test.

What you receive:

Determining what makes you feel ill can be an exhaustive process.  Often, we are so caught in the day-to-day symptoms that it is difficult to see beyond that. I  provide support for my clients so that the big picture and long term goal is kept in sight.

  • A minimum of 5 in-person (Zoom, Facetime, Skype) 45 min. “strategy, support, and guidance” sessions.
  • Unlimited email
  • Expertise of a licensed clinical dietitian working collaboratively with primary care physicians, endocrinologists, and psychologists.

Cost: $275/month