Optimum Wellness Nutrition

The  Optimum Wellness Plan is our flagship nutrition service that follows the philosophies of functional medicine.  An in depth look at your current health that is measured by Biochemical markers, physical signs and symptoms, other serum blood labs, and possible hormonal labs through collaboration with a physician.  This is a comprehensive journey that I guide my clients on, to determine what is making them feel unwell.

Outline of the Plan:

  • Dietary Analysis: I analyze the information clients submit in a dietary, behavioral and lifestyle log.
  • Identify triggers
  • Determine specialized diet: Elimination, FODMAP, LEAP, Gluten Free, Dairy Free etc…Tests to consider: Saliva, Blood, Stool.  (Some of these can be coordinated with your Primary Care Physician, and others will be ordered by me with specialized labs).

What you receive:

Determining what makes you feel ill can be an exhaustive process.  Often, we are so caught in the day-to-day symptoms that it is difficult to see beyond that. I  provide support for my clients so that the big picture, or long term goal is kept in sight.

  • A minimum of 5 in-person (or Skype, or phone) 60-70 min. consultations, or what I refer to as “strategy, support, and guidance sessions.”You can choose a grocery store tour in place of a “regular” consultation session.
  • Unlimited email
  • Expertise of a licensed clinical dietitian. I have several referral networks with PCP’s & Endocrinologists, and collaborate with them on Patient Care and blood work.xpertise knowing which labs (saliva, blood, stool) to order and how to interpret the results.

Specialization in hormonal balance, hormonal changes in response to weight loss, disordered eating, eating disorders, bone mineral density, anemia, and the female athlete triad.Optimum Wellness Cost: $275/month


Just need some advice? If you aren’t ready to commit but want some feedback on: current supplement use, diagnoses, approach to diet – then  buy a 1 hour consultation.Consultations: do NOT – include any follow-up email or phone conversations.Consultations: Are 1-time use only.Consultation Cost: $100.00