Sports Nutrition for Team Sports

Sports Nutrition for Team Sports

Do you coach or work with the athletic training office for your schools collegiate varsity or recreation teams?

If you have been providing nutrition information to your athletes, but find it challenging to stay current with the latest research, let us do that for you.

It is what we do: review current research and figure out the best situations to apply it, if the research has merit at all. Hire us to provide the latest evidence based recommendations specific to your teams.

Presentations are:

  • Hands-on so the athletes can read labels and put their learning to the test right away.
  • We limit the dreaded powerpoint presentation but do rely on a few slides depending on the team and goals of the talk.
  • Can be as specific/advanced or general as you the coach decides it should be.
  • Generally, talks last 30 – 40 minutes with 15 – 20 minutes of interaction and Q & A.