Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes

Creation of fueling and hydration plans for your sprint, olympic, half or full ironman distance race; 26.2, 30k, 50miles and 100 mile running plans. These plans should be initiated 1 month prior to the highest training volume of your plan; For Ironman distance events this would be at least three months prior. Practice and implementation of the plan should be done in combination with key workouts. Your meal plan will be matched to the terrain & course you are training & racing on.

Training/Race Day Plans

Nutrition for Cyclists

Having competed in track cycling (Kissena, NY; Trexlertown, PA), road racing and cyclocross, Regina learned how to ride and race as a cyclist before becoming a triathlete. Having learned cycling as a single sport allows Regina to teach her clients how to improve their bike portion of a triathlon with the finesse of a cyclist and implement training specific workouts not typically prescribed by triathlon-only coaches.  Her experience road racing throughout the northeast U.S., has provided practical insight into fueling strategies that she combines with food science and biochemistry as a dietitian.

Nutrition for Runners

As a competitive runner since middle school, my identity was developed as a runner and despite also competing in cycling and triathlon, I resonate most with my inner runner. After moving to the mountains of Colorado, I was able to apply my sports nutrition experience to help long and ultra-distance runners excel while training in the mountains. Managing the weather, terrain, altitude, dehydration, and gastrointestinal distress are a few of the necessary elements to master when putting together a nutrition fueling plan.