Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes

Training/Race Day Plans

Creation of fueling and hydration plans for your sprint, olympic, half or full ironman distance race; 26.2, 30k, 50 mile and 100 mile running plans. These plans should be initiated one month prior to the week during which your training plan has the longest workouts and/or duration of training hours. This allows time to begin testing methods and timing of fueling ideas, so that a race day plan can be tested during long workouts.

For Ironman distance events this plan should be initiated one month prior as well, or during a training cycle/camp when you will be training in the same environment as race day.  The first part of the plan determines sweat rate and maximum fluid intake and the type of electrolyte/carbohydrate beverage that works best for you in combination with other forms of carbohydrate. Recommendations are specific to the race course and environment.

We determine if you are under or over-fueling before or during an event, and plan recovery nutrition strategies.  Travel nutrition tips and plans are included to get you to your race healthy and energized.