Sports Nutrition for Triathletes

Sports Nutrition for Triathletes

Training for an Olympic, Half (70.3) or Full Distance ironman (140.6) triathlon and want to fine tune your hydration and fueling plan? Have you had gastrointestinal issues in the past on race day? Looking for ways to optimize your daily nutrition to improve recovery from weekly workouts?

Custom fueling and hydration plans require time to practice and implement, so we recommend at least six weeks out from either race day or your weekend of highest volume (time of training), to begin your nutrition plan. This allows time to begin testing methods and timing of fueling ideas, so that a race day plan can be tested during long workouts.

Part 1: The first part of the plan determines sweat rate and maximum fluid intake and the type of electrolyte/carbohydrate beverage that works best for you in combination with other forms of carbohydrate. Recommendations are specific to the race course and environment.

Part 2: Focus on recovery nutrition.

Part 3: Travel Nutrition the week prior to Race Day: Travel nutrition tips and plans are included to get you to your race healthy and energized.

  • Initial Consultation: 75 min.
  • Includes review of biochemical lab results
  • Contact is weekly – 30 min phone call or videoconference
  • Can work with coaching account in Training Peaks
  • Price varies based on distance of race