Sports Nutrition for Team Sports

Collegiate, Club and Elite Team Sports Nutrition

Do you coach or work with the athletic training office for your schools collegiate varsity or recreation teams?

If you have been providing nutrition information to our athletes, let me take that project off your shoulders! As a professional sports dietitian, I spend the time reviewing current research and applications of the results to know what will work for which demographic and sport. Hire me to provide the latest evidence based recommendations specific to your teams.
What your Athletes Will Learn

My presentations:

are hands-on and involve the athletes with the presentation so they can engage and apply the material immediately.
can be as specific/advanced or general as you the coach decides it should be
depending on the number of students, the cost is less than the price of lunch per athlete!
provide 40 – 45 minutes of education and 15 – 20 minutes of interaction and Q & A.
Additional Topics I Present On: