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I have received two Dietetic Awards this year:

I am currently at the 2013 ACSM Annual Meeting. This is the third year I have attended this conference, and this year, I am presenting my research, “Impact Loading and Nutrition in Cyclists: A Clinical Intervention Study to Enhance Bone Mass” during a thematic poster session. If you are at the conference, come visit Friday afternoon 1- 3pm EST.

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An image of my poster is below: Master’s Thesis in Sports Nutrition: Impact Loading & Nutrition in Cyclists









The photo to the left was taken in August 2011. This is a view from the Barr trail, which leads to Pikes Peak.  This was the view from approximately 12,000′. It helps to think of this view, and take a deep breath as I work my way through completing my dietetic internship.Trismarter on Pikes Peak