Western States 100

β›° I volunteered in the medical tent at the finish line for Western States πŸ’― … .

Was hoping for some extreme medical cases to treat πŸ€• but πŸ˜€ no one needed it!!

Most avoided using ibuprofen during the race as well!!! πŸ‘

The 1 missing piece I did notice from speaking with finishers – was the lack of a nutrition recovery plan! The reason I mention it is because for several days the body will be inflamed which is completely normal & also trying to manage the damage done to every tissue used to cross the finish line.


Those of you I saw limping out of medical, know what I am talking about 😫 

Even if you are nauseous and have no appetite you must take in small amounts of easily absorbable protein that is highly bioavailable! Sorry vegans but whey is best for this due to the leucine (or fortified vegan protein powders).. and glycine in the form of collagen. 

Start your recovery Immediately! πŸ’ͺ🍽

It’s understandable considering the logistics of getting to the start line, preparing drop bags for aid stations, organizing crews, taking care of niggles, aches & pains….

πŸ’‘But: if it’s practiced on a regular basis after usual training runs, it will become just another bag of food to pack without much to think about!